What is Passive Income?

This is usually called Passive Income, Making more money by working less. Passive Income work like a machine. Many people can make money for too little work. Passive Income can earn you a lot of money in doing less work.

Understand through a story

Once upon a time, there were two men in the village. One name Thor and another name Thanos. They brought the river water to the village and sold it.

Thor: Every day with a bucket of water, bring water from the river and clean it and sell it in the village. He used to bring and sell 100 liters of water every day. Par liter in 1$. He earns every day 100$. Thor does Active Income.

Thanos: He spent some money. He arranged to be water to the market through pipes. He could fetch 100 liters of water daily. Then he earns 100$ every day. Thanos does Passive Income.

Now thor will work here as long as he gets the money. If thor is ever ill or has a problem, he can not earn money. But Thanos's actions are different. If Thanos is ever ill or has a problem, he can earn money.

I hope you know, What passive income is.

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