How to make money from YouTube - 2020

How to make money from YouTube - 2020

You all know about YouTube. YouTube is a Google Product. It allows us to watch all kinds of videos online. This is the 2nd biggest Search Engine. 3 billion peoples use Youtube.

Many YouTubers make 1000$ per month. It is a passive income in 2020. this is a very good job for a student, workers, and part-time.

How to make money from YouTube?

It is not very hard and not very easy. If you want to make money from youtube then follow these steps:
  1. Make a YouTube Channel
  2. Make videos
  3. Upload them on your YouTube Channel
  4. Request for Monetization/Google Adsense

Make a YouTube Channel

If you want a YouTube Channel then you need a Gmail/Google Account. After making a Gmail/Google Account then go to and make a channel.
After clicking Your Channel tap a name on your YouTube Channel.

How to make videos:

This is a very hard question. You can make any kind of video on YouTube. At fast, you need to find a niche/topic. You can make videos about Technology, Travel, Blog, Entatenmant, News, Movies Etc.

Then you need a video editor software. I have a video editor software Explaindio. This is a very good and easy video editing software. You can make your video in Full Hd, 2k, 4k with using this software. Download now 50% Off.

How to upload videos on YouTube Channel:

This is a very important part. If you want to earn money from YouTube then follow this. 
Click on Upload Video> Upload your Video file

Then you need to find a good title, Description and some tag. After that, you need a good thumbnail for your video.

Then you can public your video on YouTube.

Request for Monetization:

YouTube has some rules for open Monetization. This is a very important and new update in 2020. If you want open Monetization on your YouTube channel then you need Sufficient quantity Videos, 1000 Subscribers and 4000 hour witch time in the previous year.

After completing rules then you can earn money from your YouTube Channel.

Top 5 way to make money from a youtube channel.

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