Compound interest how to calculate

Compound interest calculator: The gross profit, your sales, As a result, the cost of goods will have to be reduced by the amount received by the company. Then, how is gross profit different from net profit? And from the fact that all taxes and other deductions are "included" in the gross. For correct calculation of gross profit, it is necessary to correctly calculate the number of expenses including costs. The cost of sales is the cost - Thisof of the company to manufacture goods.

Factors affecting profit The factors affecting the amount of gross profit are divided into two groups: internal and external. It depends on the management of the internal enterprise. Here they are 

  • business performance.
  • Improvement in quality characteristics of goods.
  • Increase in production.
  • Production cost reduction.
  • Rational (most effective) use of production capabilities.
  • Work to expand the range.
  • Effective Advertising Campaign.
  • For external factors,
  • leadership cannot influence them.
  • We list them: the location of the enterprise.
  • Ecological status in the region.
  • Natural features.
  • Government support for trade.
  • The political situation in the country and the world.
  • Characteristics of the economy (country and world).
  • Transport and providing necessary resources.

Compound interest calculator simple Formula

A=P{1+(R/N)} NT

A= Final amount
P= Initial principal balance
R= Interest rate
N= Number of times interest applied per time period
T= Number of time periods elapsed

Profit margin formula

Methods for calculating profits from product sales Economic Concepts This article is devoted to the decoding of concepts that would seem synonymous. It will be about profit, revenue, and their types. Benefits  It is customary to name the difference between the income derived from the sale of goods/services and the cost of their production/provision. Profit is an important economic indicator that serves to reflect the effectiveness of the entrepreneurial activity. Profit and revenue are not the same things. The formula for calculating profit is very simple:

Total revenue-Total cost=profit.

What is revenue?

Revenue is what a company receives as a result of the sale of goods or the provision of services. No wonder any company demands revenue. Revenue and profit, as already mentioned, are not the same concept, as profit is the difference between revenue and expenditure.
Read: Sources of revenue may vary. The following types of revenue are distinguished (depending on its source):
1.Revenue from the sale of a product or service. This includes all funds received by the enterprise as a result of the sale of its products within a specified period. 

2.Investment Revenue.

3.Revenue from financial transactions.
Total Revenue  - This is the amount of money received from all these sources. About gross revenue is the total income received by the company as a result of the sale of goods as well as other functions related to the sale.

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